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  • Avenida Espana Exterior 1

    Avenida Espana

    This award-winning senior housing development is located next to the hills of South San Jose in a quiet established neighborhood.…
    181 Rawls Place, , CA
  • Bendorf Drive Apartments

    Formerly known as Villa San Pedro. Developed by the Santa Clara Housing Authority in 1970 and renovations were completed in 1990.…
    282 Danze Drive, , CA
  • Villa Garcia Exterior 1

    Clarendon Street Apartments

    Clarendon Street Apartments (formerly known as Villa Garcia Apartments) completed a full renovation of the property in 2013. All apartments…
    7213 Clarendon St., , CA
  • Cypress Gardens Sign

    Cypress Gardens

    Cypress Gardens is one of the Housing Authority's oldest public senior housing facilities and is home for low-income persons whose…
    3555 Judro Way, , CA
  • Deborah Apartments Sign 1

    Deborah Gardens

    Deborah is nestled in a quiet neighborhood in Santa Clara. The building consists of two stories with a beautiful front…
    2215 Deborah Drive, , CA
  • Eklund One Sign

    Eklund I (aka Halford Ave)

    This elegant low-income housing development is located in a quiet residential area of Santa Clara and was named in honor…
    2002 Halford Avenue, , CA
  • Eklund Gardens 2 Sign

    Eklund II (aka Poinciana Dr.)

    Eklund Gardens II Apartments is located in beautiful Santa Clara. The property sits in a quiet residential neighborhood. There are…
    3780 Poinciana Avenue, , CA
  • John Burns Gardens Front

    John Burns Gardens

    John Burns Gardens, named in honor of retired Executive Director of the Housing Authority who led the agency for more…
    820 & 850 Agnew Road, , CA
  • Julian Gardens Sign

    Julian Gardens

    Julian Gardens and its sister development Lucretia Gardens represent the high standard in public housing built by the Housing Authority.…
    319 North 8th St., , CA
  • Lenzen Gardens Sign

    Lenzen Gardens

    Lenzen Gardens provides a tranquil setting for seniors and persons with disabilities. A large central courtyard provides a great place…
    893 Lenzen Ave, , CA
  • Lucretia Gardens Sign

    Lucretia Gardens

    Lucretia Gardens and its sister development Julian Gardens represents the standard in public housing built by the Housing Authority. Both…
    2034 Lucretia Avenue, , CA
  • Miramar Exterior 1

    Miramar Apartments

    The Housing Authority acquired and rehabilitated Miramar Apartments, bringing these units up to code and converting them to public housing,…
    3761 Miramar Ave, , CA
  • Poco Way 4

    Poco Way Apartments

    Poco Way Apartments offers an affordable home and tranquil living environment featuring one, two, three and four bedroom spacious, well-designed…
    1900 Poco Way, , CA
  • Rincon Gardens Exterior 1

    Rincon Gardens

    Rincon Gardens is located in beautiful Campbell next to the well known, John D. Morgan Park. The community consist of…
    400 West Rincon Ave, , CA
  • Sunset Clubhouse

    Sunset Gardens

    Sunset Gardens was one of the first developments built by the Housing Authority. Located in the rural community of Gilroy,…
    7750 Wren Avenue, , CA