Santa Clara

  • Deborah Apartments Sign 1

    Deborah Gardens

    Deborah is nestled in a quiet neighborhood in Santa Clara. The building consists of two stories with a beautiful front lawn and inner courtyard. There is adequate parking for each…
    Address: 2215 Deborah Drive, , CA
  • Eklund One Sign

    Eklund I (aka Halford Ave)

    This elegant low-income housing development is located in a quiet residential area of Santa Clara and was named in honor of the late Carl Eklund, a strong advocate of affordable…
    Address: 2002 Halford Avenue, , CA
  • Eklund Gardens 2 Sign

    Eklund II (aka Poinciana Dr.)

    Eklund Gardens II Apartments is located in beautiful Santa Clara. The property sits in a quiet residential neighborhood. There are two separate, two story buildings. One building has two separate…
    Address: 3780 Poinciana Avenue, , CA
  • John Burns Gardens Front

    John Burns Gardens

    John Burns Gardens, named in honor of retired Executive Director of the Housing Authority who led the agency for more than 30 years, is one of three projects built by…
    Address: 820 & 850 Agnew Road, , CA