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The John Stewart Company is opening the Backup Waiting List for the three bedroom units for the following program: Family Tax Credit/Project Based Section 8 at the following location:​

Lucretia Gardens – 2234 Lucretia Avenue – San Jose CA 95122
Julian Gardens – 345 Julian Street – San Jose CA 95112


Tax Credit/Project Based Section 8 Family Housing serves low and very low income individuals (18 years and older) and families. One Waiting List will be used and units will be offered as they become available. If a Backup Waiting List applicant turns down a unit of any type on two occasions, they will be removed from the Backup Waiting List. The security deposit is $1,250.

The Backup Waiting List is open to the public. Placing your name on the Backup Waiting List does not give you any right to be admitted to any program or guarantee your future eligibility. Successful applicants will pay 32% of their gross income for rent. Applicants, residents, and participants in any assisted housing program are eligible to submit their names for the Waiting List. The head of household must be 18 years or older.

There is a 5 member minimum requirement for all 3 bedroom units. Your total annual income must not be more than the following amounts for your household size: Income limits are subject to change and applicants may be subject to other program requirements.

Household Members: 5 people
2017 Income Limits @ 50%
$ 64,500

Household Members: 6 people
2017 Income Limits @ 50%
$ 69,300

Household Members: 7 people
2017 Income Limits @ 50%
$ 74,050

The Backup Waitlist will open from 9:00 am – Friday, November 17, 2017 through 5:00 pm – Thursday, November 23, 2017. Only online submissions will be accepted. Please APPLY ONLINE at the following WEBSITE: Other submissions will only be accepted if a Reasonable Accommodation request is made by contacting the property management office at or by fax (408) 289-8309.

Initially the Backup Waiting List will be open for one week and may remain open longer if deemed necessary in order to reach an adequate number of applicants for each advertised bedroom size. If the number of backup interest applications received is sufficient, the waiting list will close and all entries will be lotterized and added to the waiting list in the order of lottery assignment. If the number of received backup interest applications is deemed too many and constitutes an administrative burden, the received waiting list applications will be processed through a lottery, in which the Owner designates the lottery number cap. If the number of applications is not sufficient, a lottery will be conducted after two weeks and the list will remain open on a first come first serve basis. Those included in the lottery will be placed on the waitlist according to lottery assignment. Those applications received after the designated closing of the lottery window will be placed at the bottom of the waitlist in the order in which their application was received.

Credit and criminal background checks will be performed on all adult applicants. The complete leasing process is outlined in the Lucretia Gardens Tenant Selection Criteria which is available at jscosccha.comIncomplete, duplicated or modified applications will be rejected. The John Stewart Company will notify all applicants in writing of the status of their application.